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Kent Golf Veterans League (Group 5)

Home Games Away Games Total
Team Won Drawn Lost Won Drawn Won Drawn Lost Won Drawn Points
Sene Valley16012011
Littlestone Warren2211002.5

Fixtures and results 2018

Date Time Home Result Away
04 April12:00Littlestone Warren1.5-4.5Tenterden
09 April13:00Faversham6-0Hythe
11 April13:00Ashford4-2Sene Valley
16 April13:00Ashford4-2Faversham
18 April12:00Littlestone Warren1-5Faversham
20 April13:00Hythe3-3Ashford
30 April13:00Faversham0-0Tenterden
09 May13:00Tenterden4-2Hythe
15 May13:00Sene Valley6-0Hythe
18 May13:00Ashford6-0Littlestone Warren
30 May12:00Littlestone Warren0-0Hythe
01 June13:00Sene Valley0-0Ashford
15 June13:00Ashford0-0Tenterden
20 June13:00Tenterden0-0Sene Valley
23 June13:00Tenterden5-1Faversham
25 June13:00Hythe0-0Faversham
02 July13:00Hythe0-0Littlestone Warren
11 July13:00Tenterden0-0Ashford
12 July13:00Sene Valley0-0Faversham
23 July13:00Faversham0-0Ashford
23 July13:00Sene Valley0-0Littlestone Warren
25 July13:00Hythe0-0Tenterden
30 July13:00Faversham0-0Sene Valley
01 August13:00Tenterden0-0Littlestone Warren
08 August12:00Littlestone Warren0-0Ashford
09 August13:00Sene Valley0-0Tenterden
17 August13:00Hythe0-0Sene Valley
22 August12:00Littlestone Warren0-0Sene Valley
29 August13:00Ashford0-0Hythe
05 September13:00Faversham0-0Littlestone Warren
2018Kent Golf Veterans LeagueVenue
5th OctoberGroup 5 - End of Season Event (Jamboree)Faversham G.C.
24th SeptemberSingles Championship (one player from each club)Knowle Park G.C.
1st OctoberAll Group Winners - FinalWilderness G.C.
7th September Pairs championship (two players from each club)Faversham G.C.

Group 5 Rules (10/12/15)

Organiser for the Group from 2018 will be Ian Slatter Each Club will play one Match at Home and one match Away against each other Club A meal will be provided by the Host Club on the day of the match. Number of pairs representing each club shall be six. Matches will be 4 ball better ball Matchplay off 9/10 Handicap difference from the lowest Handicapped Player Max Handicap 20 Points awarded for match shall be Home Match (3pts for Win) (1pt. for Draw). Away Match (4pts for Win) (2pts for Draw). Plus one point for each individual game won or 1/2 point for a drawn game. Results shall be e.mailed or phoned to Paul Fraser Buggies shall be allowed if essential.


GOLFSTREAM are providing a special discount to any member of the Kent Golf Veterans League who wishes to purchase trolleys or equipment from. The discount also applies to the spares or repairs service that GOLFSTREAM provides for a wide range of other brand golf trolleys. To take advantage of this discount please contact the KGVL Hon. Sec. Barry Sweetman [bcs44@btinternet.com] first who will provide a unique number. Once you have this number you can contact GOLFSTREAM quoting the number and your name & golf club. Additional information on GOLFSTREAM products can be found on their website at www.golfstream.co.uk

KGVL Groups

Website: www.kgvl.weebly.com
President: John Perry 01797 366818
Treasurer: John Hillier 01227 792816
Hon. Secretary: Barry Sweetman 01304 831800

Group 1
Bexleyheath *
Eltham Warren
Shooters Hill
Sidcup *
Organiser: Ian Dunlop 01322 525945

Group 2
Cherry lodge
Langley Park
Royal Blackheath
Sundridge Park
West Kent
Organiser: Len Curtis 01689 858609

Group 3
Knole Park
West Malling
Woodlands Manor
Wrotham Heath
Organiser: John Crates 01892 890266

Group 4
Kings Hill
Rochester and Cobham

Group 5
Hythe *
Littlestone Warren
Sene Valley
Organiser: Paul Fraser
‚Äč01233 625135

Group 6
Broome Park
Tudor Park
Whitstable and Seasalter *
Organiser: John Hillier 01227 792816

Group 7
Broke Hill
Hever Castle
Kent and Surrey
Shortlands *
Weald of Kent
Organiser: Stewart Matthews 01732 465056

Group 8
Deangate Ridge
Shrub Hill (Chestfield)
St. Augustine's
Westgate and Birchington
Walmer and Kingsdown
Organiser: Alan Rutherford

Affiliate Members
Fawkham Valley *
Birchwood Park
Hawkhurst *

Group Winners K.G.V. (Group 5)

1974 Sene Valley G.C.
1975 Tenterden G.C.
1976 Hythe Imperial G.C.
1977 Hawkhurst G.C.
1978 Sene Valley G.C.
1979 Lamberhurst G.C.
1980 Ashford G.C.
1981 Littlestone G.C.
1982 Ashford G.C.
1983 Littlestone G.C.
1984 Ashford G.C.
1985 Ashford G.C.
1986 Ashford G.C.
1987 Ashford G.C.
1988 Ashford G.C.
1989 Littlestone G.C.
1990 Hythe Imperial G.C.
1991 Ashford G.C.
1992 Ashford G.C.
1993 Ashford G.C.
1994 Ashford G.C.
1995 Ashford G.C.
1996 Sene Valley G.C.
1997 Tenterden G.C.
1998 Littlestone G.C.
1999 Sene Valley G.C.
2000 Ashford G.C.
2001 Littlestone G.C.
2002 Littlestone G.C.
2003 Littlestone G.C.
2004 Sene Valley G.C.
2005 Tenterden G.C.
2006 Faversham G.C.
2007 Tenterden G.C.
2008 Sene Valley G.C.
2009 Faversham G.C.
2010 Tenterden G.C.
2011 Tenterden G.C.
2012 Tenterden G.C.
2013 Faversham G.C.
2014 Tenterden G.C.
2015 Tenterden G.C.
2016 Sene Valley G.C.

Group 5 Jamboree (Hosts)

2008 Sene Valley G.C.
2009 Hythe Imperial G.C.
2010 Tenterden G.C.
2011 Lydd G.C.
2012 Ashford G.C.
2013 Faversham G.C.
2014 Sene Valley G.C.
2015 Tenterden G.C.
2016 Hythe G.C.
2017 Ashford G.C.
2018 Faversham G.C.
2019 Sene Valley G.C.

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