Faversham Golf Club is a traditional members’ club and has a dress code that should be respectfully observed by all members and visitors. This in many ways is common sense however please ensure that the dress code is followed to avoid any embarrassment. The basic principle to our dress code is that traditional golfing attire is worn on the course and that the minimum standard of dress required for the Clubhouse is what would be referred to as “smart-casual”. It is the responsibility of all members both to comply with the clubs dress policy and to ensure that other members, guests and visitors do so as well.

On the Course, practice area and putting greens…

  • All golfers must wear appropriate golf attire (the most appropriate is that which has been designed for golf) – jean, shirts hanging outside trousers, shorts above ¾ mid-thigh or more than just below the knee, beach-wear or other sports wear are NOT acceptable. Ladies may wear ‘crop’ type golf trousers.
  • Hats and visors are permitted but are not to be worn backwards.
  • Golf shoes must be worn; other types of footwear will not be permitted. Metal spikes are acceptable, but it is strongly suggested that metal or at least new plastic spikes be used when the ground is soft and especially in the winter.
  • Socks are to be worn.

The Clubhouse…

  • Normal golf attire is acceptable, as is clean casual wear – such as open neck shirts, sweaters and cardigans – in all areas of the clubhouse. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Ladies may wear shoulder-less tops/dresses, but are asked to dress appropriately and in keeping with the intent of the dress code.
  • Smart jeans ARE permitted but not denim with rips. Shirts worn outside trousers, shorts above ¾ mid-thigh or more than just below the knee, beach-wear or other sports wear are NOT acceptable.
  • Shorts, open-toe shoes/sandals are NOT permitted in the restaurant after 6pm (Ladies may wear open-toe foot wear if appropriate to their style of dress).
  • No golf shoes to be worn beyond the Locker Room and Pro Shop areas. Trainers and ‘flip flops’ are NOT permitted, but sandals are. All men’s footwear must be worn with socks, including ankle-length socks.
  • Wet or soiled clothing must not be worn or brought into the Clubhouse beyond the entrance and locker rooms.
  • Hats are not to be worn in the clubhouse (ladies may wear dress hats when appropriate).
  • At certain times alternative dress levels may be adopted (functions, AGM, Prize giving etc) and members will be advised when this is the case.

In addition…

  • Changing shoes and/or clothing in the car parks is strictly forbidden; please use the excellent changing facilities provided in the Clubhouse.
  • Mobile phones are NOT to be used on the course, in or around the Clubhouse, except in case of emergency. If required, please ask to use the landline telephone in the Clubhouse.

All patrons of both the Course and the Clubhouse must be smart in appearance and the Clubs’ staff-members are instructed not to serve members and visitors who do not observe the dress code. The Manager, Bar Manager or Committee Members’ judgement on the day will be final.

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